A small brand, with a big personality, ZAVVA Cocktails was created with an equal balance of passion and practicality. I created the brand back in 2011 with a desire to bring to the market an alcoholic beverage where price did not compromise the quality of the product or character of the brand. I wanted to develop a drink that could be enjoyed anywhere, at anytime, but one that tasted as delicious as it would be if served in the confines of a bar. Hence, after 1 year of development (and many shots consumed later!), ZAVVA was born.

Proud to be a craft alcohol brand, we use artisanal methods of production in our distillery in the beautiful countryside of Italy. All flavours in our collection are certified 'Gluten Free'. We're blessed to be located amongst one of the most nature rich areas and in a country that prides itself on its high quality local produce. This means that we have some of the freshest ingredients at our doorstep, which we are able to use inside our shots.

Each 30ml shot glass is made up of two liqueurs, kept separate by a divider and sealed with an aluminium lid. We offer a fresh way of drinking - ZAVVA was founded on the basis of conviviality, creativity and innovation.

The ZAVVA story began late one night back in 2011 on a living room floor, putting ideas to paper and passion into action. We've come a long way since our first collection, but we have remained true to our ethos and seek to stay on this trajectory as we continue to grow.

Our latest collection is an expression of our travels; the aromas, the tastes, the colours that we collect throughout our voyages. Travel has been at the core of the brand from the beginning and every journey we take, no matter how small, finds its way into shaping the next developments of our brand.

We hope each one of our new flavours allows your senses to travel and ignites that infectious curiosity for adventure!

Enjoy the discovery!