Lady Ginette Cucumber Infused Gin + Tonic

Route du Rhum Rum + Pear

Illico Presto Coffee + Cream

Beau Parleur Whisky + Honey

Aztec Lime Mexquila + Lime

Caram'ello Caramel + Cream

Available in

  • Hong kong
  • Taiwan
  • Singapore
  • France
  • Korea
  • Thailand
  • China

Aztec Lime

Time for a round! Our take on a tequila and lime shot. A perfect tangy and sweet mixture. Let's play! Olé!  

Beau Parleur

A shot. Manly and powerful. Handsome and eloquent. Our whisky liqueur. The rich notes of honey and the colour of amber. A brilliantly smooth result...just like the words of a sweet talker.



Our favourite treat. A note of salted butter caramel and creamy liqueur. Shake it up baby, twist and shout!

Illico Presto

Ciao! An energy boost to carry you through the night ... or day. Our coffee liqueur for strength and our cream liqueur for smoothness. We want more, pronto!


Lady Ginette

Tonic for wildness of a beautiful evening. Juniper and cucumber for freshness. A delicately tangy blend. We love it!


Route Du Rhum

Our crisp light rum goes hand in hand with the freshness of real pear - now we just need a hammock and some Guadeloupe sun. Welcome to the beach.


Artisanal cocktails

Zavva was founded on the basis of conviviality, creativity and innovation.

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